Top 10 Vue JS Development Companies in Ljubljana, Slovenia 2023

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Ljubljana is the capital city of Slovenia and is located in the central part of the country. It has a population of approximately 292,000 people and is known for its beautiful architecture, vibrant cultural scene, and numerous parks and green spaces.

In terms of industry, Ljubljana has a diverse range of sectors including manufacturing, technology, logistics, and finance. Some of the major industries in the city include pharmaceuticals, food processing, and automotive manufacturing. The city is also home to several research and development centers and has a strong startup culture, with many innovative companies growing and thriving in the area.

Ljubljana has a well-developed transportation system, with major highways and rail lines running through the city. It is also home to a major international airport, making it a hub for trade and commerce in the region.

Overall, Ljubljana is a thriving city with a strong industrial base and a dynamic business environment.

Amar Infotech is a leading software development company

Amar Infotech :
Ljubljana, Slovenia 10 – 50 2009 < $25 / hr (+1) 408 – 905 1533
Amar Infotech is a leading software development company that offers a wide range of services such as web development, mobile app development, custom software development, and digital marketing. The company was founded in 2009 and has its headquarters in Ahmedabad, India.

The team at Amar Infotech comprises experienced professionals who have expertise in various technologies such as PHP, Node.js, AngularJS, ReactJS, React Native, iOS, Android, and more. The company has served clients from various industries such as healthcare, finance, education, e-commerce, and more.

Amar Infotech has a client-centric approach and focuses on delivering high-quality solutions that meet the specific needs of each client. The company follows a transparent and collaborative approach with clients and keeps them involved in every step of the development process.

– Web Development
– Ecommerce Website Development
– PHP Development
– Open Source Development
– NodeJS Development
– AJAX Development
– Android App Development
– iOS App Development
– Cross-platform App Development
– Flutter App Development
– AngularJS Development
– ReactJS Development
– VueJS Development
Service Categories:
Vue.js Video Streaming Vue.js Single-page App Vue.js CMS Development Vue.js E-commerce Vue.js Backend Integration Shopify Development Vue.js Performance Optimization Native iOS Ecommerce App Vue.js E-learning Magento Ecommerce

Devleet :
Ljubljana, Slovenia 10 – 49 2021 $50 – $99 / hr +38641466020

– Web3 technology services
– Project planning and execution support
– Project upkeep and future updates assistance
– Ready-made solutions for faster and cheaper results
– Customized solutions for innovative projects
– Flawless communication with international customers
– Worldwide delivery of excellent solutions

Service Categories:
Vue.js API Integration Payment gateway integration WordPress Development Vue.js Social Networking Vue.js Performance Optimization eCommerce website design

Positiva :
Ljubljana, Slovenia 10 – 49 2007 $50 – $99 / hr +386 1 620 33 13

– Creating web sites, online portals and stores
– Developing mobile, online and business applications
– Designing and implementing communication strategies
– Running advertising campaigns
– Providing advice and solutions for clients’ business goals
– Striving for quality solutions and long-term partnerships

Service Categories:
Web Design Service Vue.js PWA Development Vue.js API Integration Vue.js Booking System Vue.js Web App Plugins Development

GrabIT :
Ljubljana, Slovenia 50 – 249 $25 – $49 / hr

Our area of expertise lies in developing large-scale back-end services and customized solutions for complex issues. Our team comprises talented, motivated, and highly skilled engineers with diverse educational and work backgrounds. We understand that finding exceptional talent is a major challenge for most businesses, and we’re here to help solve that problem.

Our preferred technologies are PHP and MySQL, but we also have proficiency in Golang, Node.js, Angular, and React. We are experienced in developing blockchain solutions and cryptocurrency projects and have expertise in Ethereum network, smart contracts, Solidity, and Bitcoin wallets.

In addition, we have in-depth knowledge and experience with several data science and predictive modelling tools such as Python, SAS, IBM Watson, Rapidminer, Hadoop, Kafka, Storm, Elastic, Kibana, Qlik, Tableau, Cassandra, and MongoDB. We enjoy working with these technologies and have a strong track record in delivering successful projects.

Service Categories:
WooCommerce Website Vue.js E-learning Magento Ecommerce Vue.js Migration Vue.js Social Networking Vue.js Project Management Shopify Development

Kaldi :
Ljubljana, Slovenia 10 – 49 2012 $50 – $99 / hr 0038641830169

• Software development services – We provide custom software development services using innovative technologies and modern tools to help bring scalable web products to the market.

• UX/UI design services – Our team of UX/UI designers helps startups and scale-ups create appealing and intuitive designs that achieve great user experiences.

• Project management services – Our project managers ensure effective communication and timely delivery of projects.

We support our clients in finding the right product-market fit and technical architecture that best suits their business and engineering needs. Our workflow is optimized to reduce costs and time-to-market, and we work transparently through all stages of the product lifecycle to build client trust and avoid any waste of time caused by misinterpreted market or client feedback.

Our technological expertise includes Java, Node.JS, Vue, React, Angular, PWA, AWS, Serverless, Docker, Azure, SQL, and RDB. We have experience working on various industries including SaaS platforms, Online marketplaces, Video based platforms, Online call centers, Digital identity, Subscription and Payment Integrations.

We maintain an agile approach to adjust our process slightly for every specific customer, ensuring a tailored solution to every business need.

Service Categories:
Vue.js IoT Development Laravel Development Vue.js Backend Integration Vue.js Maintenance WordPress Development Vue.js API Integration Node Js Development
CNJ digital

CNJ digital :
Ljubljana, Slovenia 10 – 49 2011 $50 – $99 / hr +38651336686

As a leading digital agency, we prioritize our clients and focus on digital engineering and enterprise digitalization to help you stay ahead of the competition. Our international team of experts is passionate about creating impactful digital products that drive business growth and foster meaningful connections. We work closely with our clients to understand their unique objectives and develop tailored solutions that exceed expectations. Our award-winning offerings and proven solutions are designed to provide a competitive edge, streamline operations, and promote maximum efficiency.

Our range of services includes cutting-edge web and mobile app development, innovative IoT and AR solutions, and more. With our depth of knowledge and commitment to staying current with the latest trends and technologies, we can deliver future-proof solutions that evolve with your business.

Our dedication to transparency and open communication ensures a seamless project journey, fostering trust and long-term partnerships. We measure our success by your satisfaction and continuously strive to deliver exceptional results that drive tangible value.

By partnering with us, you’ll work with a forward-thinking team, join a community of businesses that trust us with their digital transformations, and create remarkable digital products and experiences that set your business apart. Let’s work together to make a lasting impression in today’s constantly evolving landscape.

Service Categories:
Vue.js Travel Website Hyperlocal Ecommerce Website Vue.js Healthcare App eCommerce website design Vue.js CMS Development WooCommerce Website Vue.js CRM Development Vue.js Customization
Motka Design Studio

Motka Design Studio :
Ljubljana, Slovenia 10 – 49 2005 $100 – $149 / hr +38670628718

– UX & UI design, product design and strategy services
– Deliver projects of any scale, including creating MVPs, streamlining existing product designs and working with large-scale brand redesigns
– Design top-notch looking UI design-systems for web services and mobile apps
– Flexible approach with a willingness to adapt to changes and work with any tech stack, task tracker or delivery framework
– 100% dedication to client projects and a focus on making the design process efficient for the client and engaging for the designers
– High-quality design process and deliverables with unique expertise in media design, data analysis, fintech, edtech, search engines, marketplaces, web3, and more
– Free trial period that allows clients to test our design approach before signing a contract

Service Categories:
Custom theme design Vue.js Web App Vue.js Mobile App Vue.js E-commerce Vue.js Maintenance Magento Ecommerce Hyperlocal Ecommerce Website Vue.js Performance Optimization Vue.js SEO Development Vue.js Finance App

higroup :
Ljubljana, Slovenia 10 – 49 2018 $50 – $99 / hr 070567449

Hi there! We are higroup, a team of highly-skilled software professionals who specialize in helping businesses innovate and succeed in the digital age. Our core values are innovation, continuous learning, process-driven execution, and excellence, which guide everything we do. We are experts in web software development, product discovery, cloud computing, and UI/UX design and have a proven track record of transforming businesses of all sizes. With a collaborative approach, we work closely with our clients to understand their goals and deliver custom, results-driven solutions. Our vision is to be a leader in the software development industry, continuously learning and pushing boundaries. Our slogan “We spotlight you” reflects our value-driven process, where we focus on what brings value to our clients, end-users, and the world. Let us help take your business to the next level with our innovative software solutions.

Service Categories:
Vue.js Food Delivery Vue.js Video Streaming Logistics App Development eCommerce website design Vue.js Mobile App Flutter Mobile App Vue.js Single-page App Vue.js CRM Development

Hudlajf :
Ljubljana, Slovenia 10 – 49 2015 $50 – $99 / hr +38630367080

Hudlajf is an expert software development firm that caters to specific business needs with custom solutions. Our adept web products provide quick processes and flawless workflow, resulting in enhanced efficiency and time savings. We aim to enhance your business’s profitability and productivity by materializing your vision into practical outcomes.

Service Categories:
Vue.js Single-page App Vue.js E-learning Native iOS Ecommerce App Custom Software Development WordPress Development Plugins Development Vue.js SEO Development Vue.js IoT Development Custom theme design
Chain Effect

Chain Effect :
Ljubljana, Slovenia 2 – 9 2017 $50 – $99 / hr +38651426911

– Delivering guiding strategies for technology products and companies
– Crafting modern experience design to enhance user engagement
– Developing technology ventures from ideation to launch
– Enabling digital transformation for businesses of all sizes

Service Categories:
Vue.js Project Management Custom Software Development Vue.js Responsive Design Vue.js Social Networking Vue.js E-learning Vue.js Data Analytics Vue.js IoT Development