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Jeddah is a city located in the western region of Saudi Arabia. It is the largest city in terms of population and one of the major commercial centers in the country. Jeddah is situated on the coast of the Red Sea and has a strategic location as it serves as the gateway for both Mecca (the holiest city in Islam) and Medina.

The city has a rich history dating back thousands of years, with evidence of human habitation found in archaeological sites. Jeddah played a crucial role in ancient trade routes, especially during the spice trade between the Mediterranean and the Indian Ocean.

Today, Jeddah is known for its vibrant and diverse culture, influenced by its cosmopolitan population. The city is home to people from different parts of Saudi Arabia, as well as expatriates from various countries, contributing to its multicultural atmosphere.

In terms of industries, Jeddah has a thriving commercial sector. It houses the largest seaport on the Red Sea, making it a significant hub for international trade. The King Abdulaziz Port, located in Jeddah, handles a considerable volume of cargo, including containerized goods, oil, and petrochemicals.

Jeddah also has a strong tourism industry, attracting visitors with its stunning coastline, historical landmarks, and modern architectural marvels. The city has invested in developing luxurious resorts, shopping malls, and entertainment centers to cater to both local and international tourists.

In addition to the service sector, Jeddah has a number of industrial zones that contribute to its economy. The city has established industrial parks and zones like the Jeddah Industrial City and the Jeddah Islamic Port’s Industrial Zone. These areas are dedicated to various industries such as petrochemicals, manufacturing, and heavy industries like steel and aluminum.

Moreover, Jeddah is home to several major Saudi companies in various sectors, including construction, food processing, pharmaceuticals, and logistics. These companies not only contribute to the local economy but also play a vital role in the overall industrial growth of Saudi Arabia.

Overall, Jeddah is a bustling city with a diverse economy and a significant presence in sectors like trade, tourism, and industry. Its strategic location, vibrant culture, and economic opportunities make it a key city in Saudi Arabia.

Amar Infotech is a leading software development company

Amar Infotech :
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia 10 – 50 2009 < $25 / hr (+1) 408 – 905 1533
Amar Infotech is a leading software development company that offers a wide range of services such as web development, mobile app development, custom software development, and digital marketing. The company was founded in 2009 and has its headquarters in Ahmedabad, India.

The team at Amar Infotech comprises experienced professionals who have expertise in various technologies such as PHP, Node.js, AngularJS, ReactJS, React Native, iOS, Android, and more. The company has served clients from various industries such as healthcare, finance, education, e-commerce, and more.

Amar Infotech has a client-centric approach and focuses on delivering high-quality solutions that meet the specific needs of each client. The company follows a transparent and collaborative approach with clients and keeps them involved in every step of the development process.

– Web Development
– Ecommerce Website Development
– PHP Development
– Open Source Development
– NodeJS Development
– AJAX Development
– Android App Development
– iOS App Development
– Cross-platform App Development
– Flutter App Development
– AngularJS Development
– ReactJS Development
– VueJS Development
Service Categories:
Mobile Loyalty Programs In-App Advertising Mobile Augmented Reality (AR) Marketing Mobile Content Marketing Mobile App Testing Mobile Influencer Marketing iOS App Development Mobile Virtual Reality (VR) Marketing Mobile App Marketing Mobile Gamification

jeddahsoft :
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia 2 – 9 $100 – $149 / hr 0508275411

– Affordable web and software development services for individuals and businesses
– Specialized in offering low-budget solutions for the corporate sector
– 10 years of experience in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA)
– Leading edge interface design and development for modern web solutions
– Deliver e-commerce and back-end solutions tailored to your business needs
– Expertise in Web Content Management System (WCMS) and database development & integration
– Cost-effective services without compromising quality, timeliness, and customer satisfaction
– Offer reliable hosting services through trusted sources.

Service Categories:
Mobile Affiliate Marketing Mobile Social Media Marketing SMS Marketing Location-Based Marketing Mobile Native Advertising Mobile Augmented Reality (AR) Marketing Mobile Loyalty Programs In-App Advertising
Glue Tube

Glue Tube :
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia 10 – 49 $100 – $149 / hr +966.12.697.2444

– Web development services
– Social media marketing
– Mobile marketing solutions
– Multimedia production
– Content development
– Online campaign management
– E-consulting services
– CRM strategy implementation
– Direct marketing campaigns
– Loyalty program development
– Database management
– Mobile marketing strategies offered in Saudi Arabia

Service Categories:
Laravel Development Mobile Virtual Reality (VR) Marketing PHP Development Service Mobile Coupon Marketing Mobile Voice Search Optimization Mobile Geofencing Marketing

attarse :
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia 10 – 49 1981 $100 – $149 / hr +(966).12.6126518

Since 1981, our software development company has been at the forefront of the industry in Saudi Arabia. With a focus on building enterprise management systems (ERP) and delivering turnkey projects and IT solutions, we have earned a reputation for excellence.

Our integrated and top-level systems analysis solutions cater to the unique requirements of IT systems. Leveraging state-of-the-art technology tools and systems development, we ensure that our clients receive the most efficient and effective solutions for their business needs.

At the heart of our success is our unwavering commitment to total customer satisfaction. To achieve this, we constantly strive to enhance our technical solutions. We achieve this by partnering with the best technology companies and continually investing in technical training and expertise.

By prioritizing customer satisfaction and maintaining a high level of technical prowess, we have become a trusted choice for businesses in Saudi Arabia seeking reliable and innovative software solutions for their enterprise management needs.

Service Categories:
Mobile Wallet Marketing PHP Development Service Flutter App Development Mobile QR Code Marketing Android App Development iOS App Development Node Js Development Laravel Development Mobile Cross-Platform Marketing Mobile Influencer Marketing

LIVEmena :
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia 2 – 9 2008 $100 – $149 / hr +966.5.616.484848

– Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
– Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
– Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising
– Online Media planning and buying
– Online Viral Marketing
– Social Media Optimization
– Web Development

Service Categories:
Mobile Social Media Marketing Search Engine Optimization Mobile App Testing Mobile App Development In-App Advertising SMS Marketing
Chess Tag

Chess Tag :
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia 10 – 49 2012 $100 – $149 / hr +966.12.692.1645

– Comprehensive keyword research and optimization
– Effective website design and development
– Social media management and advertising
– Search engine optimization (SEO) services
– Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns
– Content creation and marketing
– Email marketing campaigns
– Online reputation management
– Conversion rate optimization
– Analytics and reporting

Service Categories:
Search Engine Optimization Mobile Gamification iOS App Development In-App Advertising Mobile Analytics and Tracking Node Js Development Mobile Affiliate Marketing Mobile Advertising Mobile App Deep Linking

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia 10 – 49 2008 Undisclosed +(966) 920-009-249

• Increase sales: Internet Solutions helps businesses create effective e-commerce platforms and marketing strategies to drive more sales and increase revenue.

• Enhance existing customer loyalty: By implementing targeted marketing campaigns and providing personalized customer experiences, Internet Solutions helps businesses strengthen their relationships with existing customers and increase loyalty.

• Win new customers: Through strategic SEO work and engaging social media management, Internet Solutions helps businesses attract new customers and expand their customer base.

In addition to these goals, Internet Solutions also provides maintenance and protection services for mobile applications and e-stores, ensuring that these platforms stay functional and secure. With a team that is trained and certified by Google, Internet Solutions is committed to delivering services of the highest quality in the industry.

Overall, Internet Solutions aims to be a trusted partner for businesses in their digital marketing efforts, providing comprehensive solutions to help them succeed online.

Service Categories:
Mobile Video Marketing Search Engine Optimization SMS Marketing Android App Development Mobile Loyalty Programs Mobile Chatbot Marketing Mobile App Deep Linking Mobile Native Advertising Mobile Coupon Marketing Mobile App Store Optimization