Top 10 AWS Companies in San Francisco, CA 2023

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San Francisco, officially known as the City and County of San Francisco, is a major city located in northern California. It is situated on the tip of the San Francisco Peninsula, bordered by the Pacific Ocean to the west, and the San Francisco Bay to the east. With a population of over 800,000 residents, it is the fourth most populous city in California.

San Francisco is renowned for its stunning natural beauty, iconic landmarks, and vibrant culture. The city is known for its rolling hills, foggy weather, and diverse neighborhoods. It offers a unique blend of modern urban development and historic preservation.

When it comes to industries, San Francisco has a diverse and thriving economy. Some of the major industries that contribute to the city’s economic growth include technology, tourism, finance, healthcare, and professional services.

The city has been a hub for technology and innovation for decades, earning itself the nickname “Silicon Valley’s sister city.” Numerous renowned technology companies, startups, and venture capitalists have established their headquarters or significant operations in the city. The prominent tech industry has led to a surge in job creation and economic development.

San Francisco is also a major tourist destination, attracting millions of visitors each year. Famous landmarks such as the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz Island, Fisherman’s Wharf, and Union Square draw tourists from around the world. The city is also known for its vibrant arts and culture scene, including theaters, art galleries, museums, and music festivals.

The finance sector is another significant component of San Francisco’s economy. The city hosts the headquarters of several major banks, investment firms, and financial institutions. It has a robust financial district known as the “Wall Street of the West,” where many financial services companies are based.

Healthcare and life sciences are also significant industries in San Francisco. The city is home to prominent medical research institutions, biotechnology companies, and hospitals. The presence of renowned medical centers and research facilities has made San Francisco a leading hub for healthcare innovation and development.

In addition to these industries, San Francisco has a thriving professional services sector, encompassing legal services, consulting firms, architecture, and real estate. The city’s reputation as a center for innovation and entrepreneurship attracts professionals from various fields, contributing to the growth of this sector.

Overall, San Francisco is a dynamic city that offers a mix of natural beauty, cultural diversity, and economic opportunity. Its industries continue to drive growth and contribute to its status as a global city.

Amar Infotech is a leading software development company

Amar Infotech :
San Francisco, CA 10 – 50 2009 < $25 / hr (+1) 408 – 905 1533
Amar Infotech is a leading software development company that offers a wide range of services such as web development, mobile app development, custom software development, and digital marketing. The company was founded in 2009 and has its headquarters in Ahmedabad, India.

The team at Amar Infotech comprises experienced professionals who have expertise in various technologies such as PHP, Node.js, AngularJS, ReactJS, React Native, iOS, Android, and more. The company has served clients from various industries such as healthcare, finance, education, e-commerce, and more.

Amar Infotech has a client-centric approach and focuses on delivering high-quality solutions that meet the specific needs of each client. The company follows a transparent and collaborative approach with clients and keeps them involved in every step of the development process.

– Web Development
– Ecommerce Website Development
– PHP Development
– Open Source Development
– NodeJS Development
– AJAX Development
– Android App Development
– iOS App Development
– Cross-platform App Development
– Flutter App Development
– AngularJS Development
– ReactJS Development
– VueJS Development
Service Categories:
Mobile App Testing Vue.js API Integration Well-Architected Assessment Hyperlocal Ecommerce Website API Gateway Integration Lambda Function Development CloudWatch Monitoring

UnitedLayer :
San Francisco, CA 250 – 999 Undisclosed

UnitedLayer is a leading provider of multicloud solutions with over 18 years of experience and a team of experts in cutting-edge technologies. Based in downtown San Francisco at 200 Paul, UnitedLayer is known for its highly connected internet points of presence. The company offers a range of services to help enterprises, SMBs, government agencies, and start-ups optimize their multicloud investments.

UnitedLayer’s services include resilient and secure colocation, enterprise-grade private clouds, disaster recovery, and a data center management platform for managing multicloud environments. With partnerships with top public cloud providers like AWS, Azure, and GCP, UnitedLayer helps clients leverage the benefits of both private and public clouds.

The company operates state-of-the-art colocation facilities in San Francisco, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles, delivering Tier-3 data center services with a 99.999% service level agreement. Additionally, UnitedLayer offers a catalog of managed services such as remote hands, smart hands, and cloud migration. It prioritizes customer security and privacy, providing robust controls and adherence to over 30 international industry compliances.

UnitedLayer specializes in hybrid cloud infrastructure, supporting customers in designing, building, and managing enterprise-grade colocation solutions tailored to their performance, security, and scalability needs. The company operates a high-performance IPv4/IPv6 network backbone across the United States and globally. All services are backed by 24/7/365 managed support, ensuring 99.999% availability.

With data center locations across five continents, including Vancouver, Toronto, London, Sydney, and more, UnitedLayer offers a global presence for its customers.

Service Categories:
Security and Compliance Data Lake Development Software Testing Disaster Recovery Planning Software Development Natural Language Processing (NLP) Magento Development Website UI/UX Database Migration DevOps Automation

Langtech :
San Francisco, CA 10 – 49 Undisclosed

In today’s business world, the ability to swiftly deliver targeted information to all areas of an organization is vital for survival. However, many companies face the challenge of managing multiple vendors and technologies required for efficient operations. This is where Langtech comes in as a fully integrated solutions provider. With 25 years of systems experience and e-business expertise, we are headquartered in San Francisco and dedicated to exceptional customer service. Our solutions, including managed services, cloud computing, virtualization, CRM solutions, custom software, complex projects, and on-site support, are unparalleled in quality. Choose Langtech as your partner for seamless and efficient business operations.

Service Categories:
Natural Language Processing (NLP) Security and Compliance React Js Development AWS Glue Development Database Migration Mobile App Testing Software Testing
Varsity Technologies

Varsity Technologies :
San Francisco, CA 10 – 49 $150 – $199 / hr

The aim of our strategy is to leverage technology as a tool to enhance your organizational success rather than impede it. This can only be achieved through a collaborative and partnership approach. We believe in continuously adapting, evolving, and improving our services in order to better serve you and the community.

We acknowledge that your organization is already accomplishing incredible things. Varsity Technologies is here to assist you in achieving even more by strategically utilizing technology.

Service Categories:
Laravel Development Step Functions Development Mobile App Testing AWS Glue Development Data Warehousing and ETL Cloud Architecture
Span Digital

Span Digital :
San Francisco, CA 10 – 49 $150 – $199 / hr

– Development and execution of technical strategies to manage the ongoing operation and evolution of digital services, including help making key architectural decisions and technology selections. DevOps strategies for cloud migration, container orchestration, continuous delivery, Engineering knowledge management and documentation of essential information.
– Digital Service Development, including the creation or enhancement of service features. This often involves UI design and implementation, creation of APIs, SDKs, ADKs, and the development of microservices and datastores.
– The generation of business insights from large datasets, involving the extraction of data from source systems, the aggregation, and processing of data to produce standardized data sets that can support analytics and the identification of trends and other insights. The development of compelling interactive data visualizations.

Service Categories:
Microservices Deployment Node Js Development Serverless Development Data Warehousing and ETL Software Testing Step Functions Development Data Lake Development
Wheelhouse Enterprises

Wheelhouse Enterprises :
San Francisco, CA 2 – 9 Undisclosed

– B2B performance marketing
– Trusted by over 200 companies including, SAP, and IBM
– Provides a constant stream of engaged buyers for sales operations
– Mission is to accelerate customer’s marketing performance
– Builds the best B2B demand generation platform
– Provides business buyers with information to make purchases
– Connects business buyers with relevant sellers

Service Categories:
Migration Strategy AppSync Development Natural Language Processing (NLP) Disaster Recovery Planning Lambda Function Development DevOps Automation Step Functions Development Payment Integration
Xterra Solutions, Inc.

Xterra Solutions, Inc. :
San Francisco, CA 10 – 49 $100 – $149 / hr

– Managed services
– Cloud infrastructure
– Consulting
– Hardware solutions

Service Categories:
Microservices Deployment Natural Language Processing (NLP) Performance Optimization API Gateway Integration Payment Integration CI/CD Implementation

ongoingIT :
San Francisco, CA 2 – 9 $100 – $149 / hr

ongoingIT offers comprehensive network engineering services to businesses in need of Managed or Supplemental IT. Our team of experts can assist with all aspects of network architecture, configuration, deployment, and integrations. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, we have the capability to provide fast and reliable IT support and engineering services to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients.

Our services include Managed or Supplemental IT, network architecture, configuration, deployment, and integrations. We also specialize in virtualization and clustering, business continuity and disaster recovery, enterprise WiFi configuration and deployment, video surveillance, VoIP, and custom web application programming. Additionally, we offer network site audits and cabling services, as well as 24×7 remote support.

We invite you to connect with us and take advantage of our complimentary site survey, which includes a security audit and complete IT analysis of your network.

Service Categories:
Web Design Service Security and Compliance Shopify Development Serverless Development CloudWatch Monitoring API Gateway Integration

Cyntexa :
San Francisco, CA 250 – 999 $25 – $49 / hr

We are a leading Salesforce Crest (Gold) Consulting Partner and ISV Partner dedicated to enhancing your business by delivering exceptional customer experiences. As an approved Salesforce B2C Commerce Partner, we specialize in growing eCommerce businesses with our comprehensive set of features, tools, and commerce portals.

Being a Nintex Premier Partner, we assist organizations in speeding up their digitalization journey through automation.

Our team consists of over 300 Salesforce experts, including developers and architects, who have a deep understanding of the Salesforce platform and have helped numerous customers build successful businesses on it.

We have supported 567 companies from various industries in implementing Salesforce successfully.

Our services encompass Salesforce Implementation, Development, Customization, and Integration for all Salesforce Clouds, such as Marketing Cloud, Commerce Cloud, Service Cloud, Sales Cloud, and more. We also help companies transform their ideas into Salesforce AppExchange Apps.

With our expertise, we have facilitated over 300 Sales and Service Cloud Implementations.

Furthermore, we have successfully implemented 150+ Marketing Cloud and Pardot projects, creating customized Journeys and automations.

We are well-versed in implementing B2B and B2C Commerce Cloud using SFRA for over 100+ customers.

Additionally, we have developed 100+ communities and set up Experience Cloud for organizations, equipping them with features like login, chatbot, agent-chat, and integration of 3rd party applications as a tab.

Our services extend beyond Salesforce, as we also offer expertise in AWS and Google Cloud Platform.

We possess extensive knowledge in various CRM domains, including Finance, Accounting, call center setup, Real estate Solutions, Professional Services, Retail, and Non-Profit organizations.

Service Categories:
Natural Language Processing (NLP) Serverless Development DevOps Automation Payment Integration Hyperlocal Ecommerce Website Machine Learning (ML) and AI
Intuz Cloud

Intuz Cloud :
San Francisco, CA 10 – 49 $50 – $99 / hr

– AWS Security audit
– Monthly AWS cost audit
– AWS infrastructure & resource utilization audit
– Implement best security practices
– Reduce AWS monthly billing
– Optimize the use of AWS resources
– Making the system more reliable
– Educate your team to help them take smarter decisions.

Service Categories:
Big Data Analytics Performance Optimization Magento Development Migration Strategy Natural Language Processing (NLP) IoT Application Development