Top 10 AWS Companies in London , United Kingdom 2023

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London, the capital city of the United Kingdom, is world-renowned for its rich history, cultural diversity, and dynamic economy. Here are some key points about the city’s industrial information:

1. Economy: London is a global economic powerhouse and one of the world’s leading financial centers. It is home to numerous multinational corporations, banks, and financial institutions, creating a thriving financial services sector. The City of London, also referred to as the Square Mile, houses the London Stock Exchange and is recognized as a hub for international trade and investment.

2. Creative Industries: London is a hub for the creative industries, including advertising, architecture, fashion, film, music, design, and performing arts. It hosts several internationally acclaimed events such as London Fashion Week, the BAFTA Film Awards, and numerous art exhibitions.

3. Technology and Digital Sector: London has achieved significant growth in the technology and digital sector, attracting startups, tech giants, and venture capital firms. Areas like Shoreditch and Old Street (locally known as Silicon Roundabout) have become major tech hubs, fostering innovation and entrepreneurship.

4. Education and Research: London houses prestigious universities such as Imperial College London, University College London (UCL), and the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). These institutions contribute to research and development in various fields, fostering technological advancements.

5. Manufacturing and Construction: Despite being more recognized as a services-driven economy, London still has a manufacturing and construction sector. These industries have contributed to the development of major infrastructure projects, residential and commercial buildings, and manufacturing facilities.

6. Tourism and Hospitality: London attracts millions of tourists each year, contributing to a vibrant tourism and hospitality industry. The city offers a wide range of accommodation options, world-class restaurants, iconic landmarks like the Tower of London and Buckingham Palace, and cultural attractions like the British Museum and Tate Modern.

7. Transport and Logistics: With extensive transport networks, including the London Underground (Tube), buses, trains, and five international airports, London serves as a vital transport hub. The city’s logistics sector plays a crucial role in ensuring efficient movement of goods and services within the UK and internationally.

8. Renewable Energy: London is committed to embracing renewable energy sources and decreasing carbon emissions. The city has several initiatives promoting renewable energy adoption, including solar power generation projects, green buildings, and sustainable transport initiatives.

Overall, London’s diversified economy ensures its prominence as a global city, attracting industries from various sectors and contributing to its status as a thriving metropolis.

Amar Infotech is a leading software development company

Amar Infotech :
London , United Kingdom 10 – 50 2009 < $25 / hr (+1) 408 – 905 1533
Amar Infotech is a leading software development company that offers a wide range of services such as web development, mobile app development, custom software development, and digital marketing. The company was founded in 2009 and has its headquarters in Ahmedabad, India.

The team at Amar Infotech comprises experienced professionals who have expertise in various technologies such as PHP, Node.js, AngularJS, ReactJS, React Native, iOS, Android, and more. The company has served clients from various industries such as healthcare, finance, education, e-commerce, and more.

Amar Infotech has a client-centric approach and focuses on delivering high-quality solutions that meet the specific needs of each client. The company follows a transparent and collaborative approach with clients and keeps them involved in every step of the development process.

– Web Development
– Ecommerce Website Development
– PHP Development
– Open Source Development
– NodeJS Development
– AJAX Development
– Android App Development
– iOS App Development
– Cross-platform App Development
– Flutter App Development
– AngularJS Development
– ReactJS Development
– VueJS Development
Service Categories:
Infrastructure as Code (IaC) Framework Development DevOps Automation Migration Strategy Step Functions Development AWS Support Cost Optimization Cloud Architecture Database Migration
The Data Analysis Bureau

The Data Analysis Bureau :
London, United Kingdom 10 – 49 $100 – $149 / hr

Making smarter decisions through the power of data analysis.

Service Categories:
Flutter App Development CloudWatch Monitoring IoT Application Development Data Warehousing and ETL Cloud Architecture Ecommerce Development Serverless Development
Wealax LTD

Wealax LTD :
London, United Kingdom 10 – 49 $50 – $99 / hr

– Custom product development from scratch
– Modification and improvement of existing products
– Assurance of 100% customer satisfaction
– Expertise in blockchain development
– Creation of decentralized applications
– Integration of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology into various processes

Service Categories:
CloudWatch Monitoring Framework Development Performance Optimization React Js Development Real-time Data Processing Well-Architected Assessment Web Design Service AppSync Development Website UI/UX Disaster Recovery Planning
Patika Global Technology

Patika Global Technology :
London, United Kingdom 50 – 249 Undisclosed

– Technology solutions
– Consultancy services
– Outsourcing services
– Exclusive in-depth business partnership
– Detailed business analysis
– Comprehensive solution design
– World-class project delivery
– Customer-centric approach
– Alignment between clients’ requirements and solution design
– Problem-solving with ingenuity and agility
– Helping businesses catch up with digital world trends.

Service Categories:
Natural Language Processing (NLP) Laravel Development Cost Optimization Docker and Kubernetes Software Development Mobile App Development Software Testing Infrastructure as Code (IaC) React Js Development

XpertCloudSolutions :
London, United Kingdom 10 – 49 $100 – $149 / hr

XpertCloudSolutions assists small and medium-sized businesses in developing and executing intricate cloud migration plans.

Service Categories:
DevOps Automation Lambda Function Development React Js Development Big Data Analytics IoT Application Development Performance Optimization Serverless Web Apps
Aegasis Labs

Aegasis Labs :
London, United Kingdom 2 – 9 $50 – $99 / hr

– Cloud engineering services
– Analytics services
– AI services
– Transformational solutions
– Operational efficiency improvement
– Automation implementation
– Technology infrastructure future-proofing
– Competitive edge gain

Service Categories:
CloudFormation Management Vue.js API Integration CloudWatch Monitoring Node Js Development AppSync Development Data Warehousing and ETL DevOps Automation Cloud Architecture AWS Support Flutter Ecommerce App
Mad Devs

Mad Devs :
London, United Kingdom 50 – 249 $50 – $99 / hr

Mad Devs is a software development company that specializes in creating highly scalable software solutions for various industries such as FinTech, Blockchain, Transportation, AdTech, EdTech, and E-commerce. We help businesses of all sizes during periods of growth to ensure smooth scaling.

Our solid technical solutions have been instrumental in securing over $10 million in funding for five of our startup customers in 2019. With a team of 150+ staff members worldwide, we have successfully implemented numerous IT projects. Our customer satisfaction rate is high, with 98% of our clients finding our services to be great value for money. Many of our clients choose to continue working with us for years.

We have collaborated with reputable companies such as, ITC, Veeqo, MythX, Kickico, Guardrails, GoDee, Eatigo, Sir John Monash Centre, Alfabank, Admitad, Triggermesh, and many others. By working with these companies, we have helped ensure that hundreds of thousands of individuals can enjoy the apps and services they use on a daily basis.

Service Categories:
Data Lake Development Migration Strategy Ecommerce Development CloudFormation Management Database Migration Web Design Service
Black Cat Computers Limited

Black Cat Computers Limited :
London, United Kingdom 2 – 9 $50 – $99 / hr

Black Cat Computers, a UK-based company situated in Cambridgeshire, specializes in IT services and software development. Since its establishment in 2006, the company’s primary focus has been the creation of tailor-made web applications and utilizing cloud platforms, alongside providing comprehensive IT support to its clients.

Service Categories:
Security and Compliance Software Development WordPress Development Machine Learning (ML) and AI AWS Support Cloud Architecture Shopify Development Docker and Kubernetes CI/CD Implementation
Keypoint Solutions Ltd

Keypoint Solutions Ltd :
London, United Kingdom 10 – 49 $100 – $149 / hr

We have a team of highly skilled professionals who are capable of managing and executing every aspect of professional software projects, ensuring their successful completion. With our extensive software network and vast experience in software development, we have the capability to take on consulting projects and acquire the necessary resources for their execution.

Our expertise lies not only in project management but also in providing software training and recruitment services. We have a well-established network of over 250 professional software developers, enabling us to offer comprehensive training programs and facilitate the recruitment process for companies in need of skilled software professionals.

Furthermore, we also provide valuable internship opportunities for individuals looking to enhance their software education or gain exposure to the latest technologies in the UK and European markets. These internships not only offer valuable hands-on experience but also serve as a means of staying updated with the ever-evolving software industry.

In summary, our company offers end-to-end support for professional software projects, ranging from project management to consulting and resource acquisition. Additionally, we provide software training, recruitment services, and internship opportunities, allowing individuals and organizations to benefit from our expertise and network of industry professionals.

Service Categories:
Shopify Development AppSync Development Software Testing Web Design Service IoT Application Development Security and Compliance Well-Architected Assessment Flutter App Development Docker and Kubernetes
AKT Global

AKT Global :
London, United Kingdom 250 – 999 Undisclosed

AKT is a consulting firm that specializes in providing People Experience Cloud Solution services in the EMEA region. They focus on driving transformations and ensuring the successful implementation, integration, optimization, and support of various SAP solutions such as SAP SuccessFactors HXM, Qualtrics EX+CX, SAP CRM, and SAP Commissions. These solutions are designed to incentivize and engage employees and customers.

AKT has an impressive track record with over 20 years of experience in CX, HR, and HXM professional services. They have completed more than 500 projects involving SuccessFactors and Qualtrics and employ over 250 consultants specializing in HR, HXM, and CX. With 8 global locations in the UK, France, Switzerland, South Africa, Czech Republic, Turkey, Israel, and India, AKT serves more than 150 SI and AMS active customers.

The company has been a partner of SAP for over 13 years and is a global partner of Qualtrics. They have received 7 SAP Awards for Excellence, highlighting their commitment to delivering high-quality services. Additionally, AKT has established strategic partnerships with Aon and Lee Hecht Harrison in Israel and serves as an industry accelerator for HR tech startups.

If you are interested in starting your transformational journey or joining AKT’s team, they encourage you to reach out and visit their Career Portal for global job opportunities.

Service Categories:
Mobile App Development IoT Application Development Big Data Analytics Data Lake Development Hyperlocal Ecommerce Website DevOps Automation